How to Install a Digital TV Converter Box in Your RV

Recently, I become asked the subsequent query. I need to put in a Digital TV Converter Box in my RV. Does it cross at the television or does it hook up with the Video Distribution Center Box that allows me to exchange my TV’s from satellite tv for pc/antenna and or cable? มวยสดออนไลน์

ANSWER: Here is the information you need to put in a Digital TV Converter Box In Your RV

What You Need To Do Before Installation

If you have determined that your RV’s TVs do now not have virtual tuners, then you will want 1 Digital TV Converter Box and one greater duration of cable (duration of cable relies upon on a long way the TV goes to be from the DTV Converter Box) for every TV. If you have got a VCR that doesn’t have a virtual TV tuner, then you’ll need a converter field and additional length of cable for that as well (greater in this later).

When buying the converter boxes, make certain that they include the choice of Analog Pass Through. Analog Pass Through lets in analog alerts to pass through the Digital TV Converter Box whilst it’s far became off. If you’re installed to cable at an RV park, or if you want to watch a video or DVD the converter container ought to be became off (no longer unplugged) so that the analog signal will Pass Through the converter container at once for your TV.

If you do not get a Digital TV Converter Box with Analog Pass Through you’ll need to set up A/B switches and essentially be growing an installation nightmare for your self.

Things You Need To Understand Before Installation

Most RVs have a video transfer box with buttons and/or knobs which allows you to pick out exclusive video resources for each of the TVs on your RV. These bins vary from manufacturer to producer. But generally you have got choices inclusive of Antenna, Cable, VCR, DVD, Satellite, etc.

On the again of the Video Switch Box you’ll discover plenty of cables getting into the field and leaving the field, do not let these cables intimidate you. We will most effective be worried approximately the cables leaving the Video Switch Box which might be going without delay to the TVs in your RV.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not install the Digital TV Converter Box on the cable going out of your RV’s Antenna to the Video Switch Box. Depending at the type of antenna your RV has, there will be 12 volts jogging via that cable and it’s going to fry the Digital TV Converter Box the minute you turn it on.

Depending on how the Video Switch Box is established for your RV, you can must start transferring matters round to get to the back of the container wherein all of those cables are placed. Due to one-of-a-kind configurations in every RV, I cannot tell you how difficult or how easy it’ll be to get to those cables on the lower back of the Video Switch Box.

The returned of video transfer box could have labels on every of the cables which can be either stepping into or coming out. The cables you’re searching out are going without delay in your TVs they will have labels which includes “TV1 Out, TV2 Out, and so on.” or “To TV1, To TV2 etc.” or “TV1, TV2 etc.” Again, the labeling will range with the aid of producer. The Digital TV Converter Box could be mounted on the cable main on your TV from the Video Switching Box. Where you positioned the Digital TV Converter Box on this cable depends on in which the TV is in reality placed.

The Digital TV Converter Box have to be established right subsequent to the TV that you’re going to be using it on. Digital TV Tuner Boxes come with remote controls to setup the container and exchange the channels. So in case you are installing the Digital TV Converter Box at the TV inside the bed room located at the back of the RV you do now not want to have the Digital TV Converter Box at the the front of the RV. Remember, the Digital TV Converter Box needs to be plugged into strength to paintings.

Installation Of The DTV Converter Box

OK now comes the fun element without a doubt installing the Digital TV Converter Box to your TVs. Depending on how available the cable main to your TV is; will decide how smooth the set up can be. Here are the elements you may want to finish the job for every TV.

1. Digital TV Converter Box.

2. 1 greater length of TV cable (period of cable is based on how some distance away the Digital TV Converter Box is from the TV). You must have sufficient cable to attain the returned of the TV from the back of the Digital TV Converter Box.

Usually the TV positioned within the front of the RV is the easiest to put in. If the front TV is positioned proper subsequent to the Video Switch Box, then all you have to do is dispose of the cable this is leading to that TV from the again of the Video Switch Box and connect that cable at the “TV Out” port at the again of the Digital TV Converter Box. Now take the more cable you have and connect it to the “TV out” port on Video Switch Box and connect the opposite quit to the “Antenna In” Port of the Digital TV Converter Box.

Now we get to the work extensive a part of the installation. If your RV has a TV in a bedroom located behind the instruct, you may should do a little digging to get to the cable this is installed to the lower back of the TV. In maximum instances the TV is built right into a cupboard. Your assignment is to get to the again of the TV to get get admission to to that cable. I am no longer going to attempt to tell you how to take the TV out of the cabinet, because the manner they may be installed varies with the aid of the kind and version of your RV.

Once you get to that cable on the back of the TV the real installation is simple. Remove the cable from the lower back of the TV and attach it to the “Antenna In” port at the DTV Converter box and take the extra cable and attach it to the “Out To TV” port at the DTV Converter Box. The other cease of the cable receives set up to the “Cable In or Antenna In” port of the TV.

Special note on VCRs

You can hook up a DTV Converter Box for your RV’s VCR, but you truely must not do it as the VCR could be restrained in its operation. The VCRs built in tuner will be vain and recording programs would require that you use the DTV Converter Box to manually exchange to the channel you want recorded. With the cost of the DTV Converter Box being from $40.00 and up, you can get an excellent VCR with a constructed in digital tuner for the same rate.