The Best Foods to Use to Make Baby Food

So, you have decided to make your baby the best food they could possibly eat: Homemade Baby Food. That’s awesome and exciting. But have you gotten stuck on “What should I feed my baby?” Well, I thought I would give you a few suggestions on not only what you could make for your baby, but what are the BEST foods you can use to make baby food. russian grocery store

Let’s start with the basics. I recommend using the best you can buy. I like to use organic foods when I can. If you want to take it a bit further you could also consider using local grown organics by going to a local farmers market. If you want to take it even further you could consider growing your own. This way you know exactly what you are putting in your baby’s body. This does take a little more planning and is more time-consuming than just the feeding part, but is very do-able and cost-effective.

Now, on to the Food! What foods should I pick up or decide to grow on my own? These are the ones that I recommend:

1. Avocado. This is a great brain food for that rapidly developing brain in your baby’s head. It is the good fat that is exactly what your baby needs. It is also creamy and delicious, so your baby should take to it pretty quickly. And lastly, it is super easy to prepare, without too much extra work than just smashing it up.

2. Bananas. This super sweet first food is one that every baby loves. This awesome fruit aids in baby’s digestion process and the potassium helps to build the baby’s fast growing bones. And again, its preparation is super easy with a simple smash you are ready to go.

3. Peas. This is a great vegetable to start baby on as it is rich in iron and vitamin C. This is a great one to think about especially if you will be weaning your baby soon as it will help to build the immune system.

4. Carrots. When your mom told you to eat your carrots because they were good for your eyes, she was right! Carrots are high in Vitamin A which can help baby’s developing vision. They are also slightly sweet, so baby should take to them quickly.

5. Apples. The old saying goes ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Apples actually do have a plethora of health benefits from bone health to asthma and Alzheimer’s prevention, lower cholesterol, as well as prevention of all types of disease such as lung, breast, colon, and liver cancer, diabetes management and weight loss. Not that your baby should be worried too much about these thing, but it’s good to get them started off right anyway.