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Info of the Environment


spray date 24-08-2019 spray location(province) PhuTho
the terrain type Flat weather like temperature, humidity, etc. Sunny
Sprayed Area(ha.) 29.8
  1. Operation Parameters

operation mode Intelligent planning Operation operation speed 4 m/s
operation height(from the top of the crop) 3m line spacing/width 5
liquid amount sprayed per hectare 25 nozzle type XR110015VS
  1. Info of Chemicals (if you could)

chemical name formulation active ingredient and the percentage chemical amount used per hectare
Diazan o.5L/10L/Ha 0.5L/10L/Ha


  1. Conclusion


Spraying fungicide for banana trees using drones is extremely effective. Our customers have been using drones for nearly a year and gave extremely positive feedback. agricultural drone


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Warm prompt: the content and parameters provided here are just for your reference. You should adjust the operation mode and the parameters and use a correct way to spray your field according to the different weather, the crop characters, the habit or history of using chemicals(you could change other chemicals in case that the resistance occurs), etc. If you are not sure what operation parameters you will choose or not sure about the spraying efficacy, then you should firstly do a small plot test in this field before a big area spray.