How to Set Up a Facebook Account

Many of my clients are asking approximately how to import their blogs into their Facebook web page. With Social Media being all the buzz, it’s far critical to apprehend the way to effortlessly upload news and content material. What higher way than to put up content out of your weblog?! Now this should no longer be the ONLY content in your Facebook account. Remember to use it to create connections with customers, leads in addition to own family and buddies. People will do business with humans they prefer. That is what Social Media Marketing is all about. buy facebook accounts

Here are a few basic instructions for importing your weblog on to Facebook:

First, find the Feedburner feed link on your weblog.
Open your Facebook, then click at the “Application” button on the bottom left of the page.
Click on “Notes” (you could want to scroll to look it.)
When the Notes page comes up, click on the “Import a weblog ยป” link within the “Notes Settings” location.
Now input your Feedburner feed hyperlink to your blog. (It must appear like http://feeds.Feedburner.Com/yourfeedburnertag)
Check the box for “By getting into a URL, you constitute which you have the right to allow us to reproduce this content material at the Facebook website online and that the content is not obscene or illegal.”
Click the “Start Importing” button.
Facebook must then show you a preview of the imported weblog
Scroll down and assessment to ensure the whole thing looks accurate
Then Click “Import”
Voila! Now when you put up in your blog it’s going to also show up in your Facebook profile.

For a very good video stroll though of this process you could visit. Http://the whole thing.Typepad.Com/blog/2009/01/how-to-add-your-weblog-feed-to-your-facebook-profile.Html