Home Business Leads – The Types and Uses

MLM Leads are generated using a variety of methods. The basic idea is that the prospect is given some basic work from home information and they fill out a form requesting more information. That is when they become a lead that can be sold. The processing of that lead after that is what determines what type of home business lead that they ultimately become. I have outlined the basic process in generating each lead and what they are best used for.

Autoresponder leads

These home business leads are best used in conjunction with an autoresponder system. The leads are generated from multiple websites and marketing campaigns. The prospects fill out a form indicating that they have a general interest in working from home. The autoresponder is a method of sorting out the large list of leads into a shorter list of people that are interested in your home business opportunity. You never want to call these leads before they have been sorted.

Uses: Autoresponder System Only!

Optin leads

When a potential prospect enters their contact information into an online form then that person is a single optin. They have requested more information. The information that they entered is not confirmed to be correct. Many people enter the wrong information so they can get to the free offer that comes after they enter an email address. Some just enter the email address incorrectly. This is an optin leads. If the lead is a double optin that means that they have been sent a second email that is requesting them to confirm the 1st request. If they click on the link to confirm then they are a double optin.

Uses: Direct Email – Add to Autoresponder

Double optin leads

These leads first fill out a form expressing interest in receiving information on a home-based business. They are then contacted by email and are required to confirm that they are indeed interested in working from home. Double Opt in Leads are highly qualified because a prospect is required to confirm their interest in a home business on two separate occasions. small business leads

Uses: Direct Email – Add to Autoresponder – Call

Surveyed leads

These Survey Leads have answered one our online business opportunity lead advertisements asking to learn more about starting a home-based business or earning additional income. Each prospect is also further screened by completing a qualifying survey when answering our online business opportunity advertisement.

Each prospect will include name, address, phone, email, and best time to call. You will also receive the answers to these survey lead questions or slight variations of these questions:


  • The #1 reason they are looking for a home-based business is:
  • How much they are looking to earn per month:
  • How much time they are willing to invest:
  • How much money they have to invest:
  • What their interest level is:


Uses: Uses: Direct Email – Add to Autoresponder – Call

Buyer leads

One of the very best Buyer Leads on the Market. Comes complete with all fields including Ip address and date stamp! Utmost of Extremely High Quality based on people purchasing a work from home trial course on the internet for.99 – 1.99! When purchasing fresh at 24 hrs. You can be assured of no one trying to up sell them before you.

Uses: Direct Email – Add to Autoresponder – Call

Phone Verified leads

This is a prospect that has responded to some type of advertisement. Typically, they fill out a survey with some basic information including their name and contact information. A representative from a call center calls the prospect and verifies that the prospect is interested in learning about a business opportunity. In some cased, the representative asks the prospect some basic questions as well. Questions such as…

What is the reason why you are interested in a business opportunity?

How soon would you like to get started?

What is the best time to call you?

Uses: Direct Email – Add to Autoresponder – Definitely Call

International MLM Leads

Home Business leads are available for several major countries. If there is a market for lead generation then there is a company that will make the effort to meet the demand. There is one main difference. There are not as many lead types available in these countries. The 3 main countries that you can find international leads available are Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. The primary lead types that are available are surveyed leads and short form leads. The amount of leads that are available for these countries is much less than the USA as you would imagine. So you will also find that not all lead companies will have them available for sale.

Uses: Direct Email – Add to Autoresponder – Call (If you have a long distance plan)

Specialized MLM Leads

There is also another completely different part of the leads industry. That is specialty leads. You can buy leads that are extremely targeted such as weight loss leads, diabetic leads or home buyers. These are only a few of the types of leads that are available. These types of leads are only supplied by the best of lead generation companies and due to the specific nature of the type of lead they are also at the more expensive end of the lead spectrum. If these specialized types of lead fit your budget and opportunity they can be very lucrative in the end.