Grow Box – Should You Build One Or Buy One?

Hydroponic indoor planting is commonly practiced these days. There are several reasons for people to practice hydroponics. External climate changes have very limited effect on a hydroponic indoor growing setup. This helps you to grow plants throughout the year, round-the-clock. This great flexibility is the major attraction in hydroponics. For those who have gardens or farms, a grow room can be created.

But for those who live in urban conditions, where even a square foot space is very precious, a grow room won’t workout. In such instances, the best solution is buying a grow box. A grow box can be fixed in a limited space and functions like a charm. You can grow reasonably good amount of plants in this room and will get satisfying yield. Glow Box

One of the biggest dilemmas among newcomers is whether to buy a ready-made grow box or make one on their own. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The ready-made boxes are available in perfect working condition. All accessories will be included and all you need to do is just plug-in and start using the glow box.

Accuracy in ready-made grow boxes will be perfect because most instruments will be featured from the company. These also come with limited manufacturer’s warranty, so your investment will be protected at least for some time. They are easy to repair because your manufacturers will be providing after sales support. They also look better because the fit and finish will be very neat.

On the other hand, you have the option of making your own hydroponics grow box. Plywood is a commonly used material for relatively larger boxes. These boxes can be inexpensive compared to ready-made boxes. The great customization feature makes sure that all your custom needs are addressed. However, it’s very difficult to bring perfection to these boxes because we do not have access to many professional industry tools used by grow box manufacturers.

You cannot expect a warranty for obvious reasons. All parts will be fixed by you and even if some of those have a warranty period, you need to disassemble them and take to the manufacturer. Transport session of these boxes can be difficult or convenient based on the build quality. If you make them well, they can be handled easily too.

A homemade grow box can be disassembled anytime to try a newer design and your losses will be mostly restricted to the plywood. Most accessories including the bulbs and CO2 emitter are reusable in the new setup too. If you weigh both homemade and ready made boxes, you will notice that the choice is mostly depended on your interests.