Going Natural: Organic Skincare

I don’t know a thing about you but I’ll bet that you’re disgusted and upset to learn about the potentially toxic chemicals that fill most skincare products. Ugh, ingredients like Anionic Surfactants –also used as engine degreasers–how is that good for your face?

But there is a healthy alternative! Natural skincare products that are, incidentally, also the most effective skincare around.

The truth is, many skincare products, even the pricier ones, are filled with chemicals that haven’t been tested for long term human safety.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. Anything you put on it seeps into your body. You probably know you can absorb nutrients placed on top of your skin as well as ingested in your food.

So it’s frightening to think we’re slathering lotions and creams onto ourselves thinking we’re protecting our skin from age and weather when we’re really slathering lots of potentially carcinogenic chemicals onto ourselves–and paying for the privilege! well with sativa cbd

No wonder our world today is filled with sickness and allergies.

It burns me up!

Plus, many mainstream skincare products are filled with useless filler products that sound fancy but don’t really contribute to the product; mink oil and caviar come to mind.

Harvesting the mink pelts leaves behind a fatty residue that would be garbage if not for the beauty industry. Broken caviar eggs can’t be sold for high prices in gourmet stores and restaurants– so it’s the beauty industry to the rescue.

Then there are the questionable filler products like lanolin and mineral oil.

Lanolin comes from sheep’s wool which has often been exposed to pesticides and dioxins. Many people are allergic to lanolin too. Mineral oil is a petroleum product that can cause nasty reactions such as migraines and arthritis.

Plus, most big name skincare products are not environmentally friendly nor animal friendly. Ever wonder about all that paper and plastic packaging for a small tube of eye cream?

The truth about skincare products is they’re only as good as their ingredients.

I’ll bet you would like to use skincare products that are natural and good for you. Skincare products that include nutrient-rich formulas and cutting edge ingredients found in nature–not a chemistry lab.

So there you have it, the scary truth about mainstream skincare products. For more information on the most effective skincare products that are made from nature you might visit New Zealand.

Or just visit Jen Phillips April’s website on healthy skincare products that are cost effective and naturally made.