Current CPAP Mask Reviews

All of us like to do our homework when it comes to using or buying equipment that is important to our health. As you were recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, the next thing to do is look at CPAP mask reviews. You will be referred by a technician who will suggest several masks that fit your need, but make sure you do your due diligence and check those recommend by doing some reviews on your own.

When you search for reviews of CPAP Machines masks, you will notice that they are listed by manufacturer, warranty, sound level according to decibels, and if the mask is quiet or has low-level noise. The review may drill down to dimensions of the machine, humidifier pressure, features relevant to pressure, power, software or any thing else manufacturers may offer.

Your diagnosis may also be included in your health insurance plan, which will consider your appliance necessary, as your doctor will write a prescription. There is a financial factor to consider if your insurance will not cover it. There are numerous style masks as nasal, full face, nasal interface, or oral. It is a major decision so put trust into the advice of the doctor and technician.

So where should you go to find pages of reviews? They are easy to find but here are a few:

Resmed Full Face Mask – This Company has a good reputation and offers home delivery. Users have found it easy to remove and reattach the forehead pads and the seal is comfortable. The headgear is designed with quick release clips.

Respironics ComfortGel Nasal CPAP – This mask has a broad silicone forehead pad that reduces any tightness and you don’t end up with the “forehead dent” in the morning. People who have started with this mask out of the box feel it fits perfect. Air is evenly distributed and there is an exhalation port, which moves the air out that is exhaled and it has a very low level noise.

Ameds Full Face Extreme Comfort- the review of this CPAP mask found it to be average. It has three sizes, a contour design that is flexible and has a lightweight design made of silicone with a 360° elbow port that swivels.