Bridal on a Budget: Sterling Silver Rings

The typical engagement ring or wedding ring is comprised of gold or platinum and is very expensive. Sterling silver rings may be a great solution to the expense of a traditional wedding ring set. Most couples, especially young ones, still buy into the old adage; spend “two months’ salary” on an engagement ring and then purchase a wedding rings set that matches. However, things are slowly changing. Spending two months’ salary on anything seems largely impractical, especially if finances are tight. The economic downturn has encouraged many individuals to look for more affordable solutions to the traditional diamond wedding jewelry that, although beautiful, comes with a hefty price tag. silver rings

Sterling silver rings are not only affordable, they are also beautiful and intricate and can be found in a wide range of styles or can even be special-made. However, before you make the decision to purchase a sterling silver engagement ring or silver wedding bands, you should certainly do your research to ensure that you get the style you want, especially when it is a ring you plan to wear for the rest of your life.

Silver metals are currently a popular jewelry style. Many brides opt for silver colored metals instead of gold because silver goes well with anything and can be dressed up or down. Individuals who are interested in a wedding ring design that is more intricate than typical designs also may wish to opt for sterling silver rings. Silver is much more malleable than gold or platinum or many other precious metals. Generally the more intricate the piece that you order, the more likely it is that the price tag will be higher. However, with gold costing over a thousand dollars an ounce and silver costing less than fifty dollars an ounce, the cost benefits of buying silver jewelry are very obvious.

Individuals considering purchasing sterling silver rings for their wedding sets and/or engagement rings should keep in mind that silver does tarnish over time. Happily, it is easily cleanable and polishes nicely. The patina may even be left alone, as many people love the look of silver as it ages. Many people cannot see the difference between silver and other white metals. This makes silver a great, inexpensive option that you can wear every day and still look like a million bucks.

For couples who want to wear a white metal ring or rings to symbolize their commitment to one another, sterling silver rings are a very economical option. It is much less expensive than gold or platinum. Since it is so inexpensive, sterling silver rings are also great for individuals who like to wear fashionable jewelry or who like to mix up their look from time to time. Instead of sticking to a traditional design, try purchasing several sterling silver ring designs to wear periodically as a wedding set. When you get bored with one design you can replace it with another for pennies in comparison to what one would pay for a ring made of gold or silver. Finally, if you are strapped for cash now, you may be able to easily replace your inexpensive sterling silver rings with something more expensive later on down the road.